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Product Description:

● acoustic performance guaranteed to meet all the technical standards, including the DHSS design standards, HTM2045, ISO8253 and ISO6189;
● main room used for hearing tests in hospitals, clinics, schools, research institutions, etc. have the application;
● sturdy structure, but the weight of traditional building materials is only the same size 1 / 3;
● can be realized within the existing building fast, clean installation, assembly time is short, on-site extent of the damage is low, less construction waste generated;
● standards for both fixed-size listening room options may also be designed according to customer requirements of any size and shape of the room;
● After pre-designed listening room can be achieved without loss of acoustic performance at low cost with the case of the demolition and moved to different locations
● can be used according to different perspectives require the installation of doors / windows, lighting, ventilation and air conditioning systems, etc., and painting a variety of colors are available upon request;
● The main components are modular design and production, on-site assembly, to meet the space constraints and convenience of transport;

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