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Product Description:

I have produced sound insulation door is widely used in a variety of requirements that require high noise level areas, and to meet the fire, riot control, electromagnetic shielding, accessible through, decorative veneer, perspective and other requirements. At the same time, I produced all the sound insulation door under the conditions of the practical application of their noise reduction has always been excellent, noise levels up to STC70.

I have produced on-site sound insulation doors to ensure the high performance design and production:
● Every door is factory assembled, and delivered prior to use through the coaxial degrees, with the degree of operational flexibility, as well as a number of functional tests;
● for each door style designed by our engineers, and in the delivery of their manufacture through a comprehensive review;
● In the last line where there is a change before the design or replacement materials go through a comprehensive design review;
● soundproof door with self-aligning magnetic seals to ensure durable straight and maintain a high-performance sound insulation effect;
● soundproof door with cam-lift hinge allows the door closed, a good seal with the ground, rather than wearing down the self-seal form;
● Door structure as plug-in architecture, civil engineering, when embedded frames do not need to;
● can be installed according to customer request a variety of decorative veneer, perspective window, while providing to meet the different fire, riot control, electromagnetic shielding, accessible through the other requirements of sound insulation door for selection;
● Our company specializes in customer requirements in accordance with non-standard design and production of a variety of features and size requirements of the soundproof door.

1 Classification
1.1 Single / Double Open soundproof door
1.2 Single / Dual-opened sliding soundproof door / wall
1.3 Single / Dual-opened high-performance double-layer soundproof door
1.4 VTOL soundproof door
1.5 Serial soundproof door
1.6 Simple soundproof door
1.7 Radio PSD
1.8 Explosion soundproof door (gate voltage)
1.9 Fire soundproof door
1.10 wedge door
1.11 Fire riot soundproof door

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