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Product Description:
Has good sound insulation sound insulation windows that can be perspective is mainly used in a variety of not only require high noise level, at the same time be able to see places, such as radio / television studio, stage, control room, laboratories, etc. . I have produced double-glazing-based video walls and has excellent sound insulation, STC values up to 59, single-layer glass-type can also be achieved STC39, while also satisfying the heat, wind and rain erosion resistance to a variety of requirements , according to customer’s needs, you can also have a compression bullet-proof function.
To put it simply, I have produced a significant sound insulation window has the following advantages:
● excellent acoustic performance. STC values of different models ranging from STC39-STC59-site actual test results and laboratory tests according to ASTM standards have proven excellent acoustic insulation performance of windows;
● In accordance with the requirements of the building aesthetic selection of glass, to tie in with the overall appearance of the building and landscape requirements;
● acoustic window frame system is composed of high-strength aluminum alloy to meet the sound insulation, thermal insulation and resistance to wind and rain erosion requirements, while meeting with the jet engine air flow, typhoons and earthquakes related to the pressure of the stringent requirements;
● acoustic window frame surfaces can choose to paint, powder coating or anodized surface treatment way, the flexibility to meet a variety of field use requirements;
● use of easy to unload to make noise inside hinged glass windows have long-term maintainability, and will maintain its good acoustic performance;
● assembly is flexible. Factory assembled either at the scene after the completion of the overall installation, you can also spare parts shipped from the factory and assembled at the installation site;
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