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Product Description:
● In accordance with ISO3745 (GB6882) standards for construction, both for the project design, construction and project management to provide comprehensive, flexible and full-service economy, may also be only one of these services, for example, only provides a standard module sound-absorbing wedge ;
● Muffler indoor / semi-anechoic indoor air quality is better than the corresponding GB-50325 requirements;
● use of the world’s leading acoustic wedge system as the main acoustic components to meet than the traditional glass wool or acoustic foam wedge high fire, air quality, life, etc., and uses less acoustic filler;
● to achieve silent reflection, not the other noise of the test environment to meet a variety of precision measurement equipment, sound source sound power level, frequency characteristics, directivity parameters such as the requirements;
● through independent lighting, ventilation, smoke (gas), air-conditioning systems to meet the testing and staff work in a variety of requirements;
● The main components are modular design and production, on-site assembly, to meet the space constraints and convenience of transport;
● After pre-designed anechoic chamber can be achieved without loss of acoustic performance at low cost with the case of the demolition and moved to different locations
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