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Product Description:
Sound barrier is to reduce the noise, in particular, to reduce traffic noise, one of the most commonly used and effective measures. Sound barrier as a whole is a project rather than a general sense of products, which along with project-specific noise reduction requirements, climate and environment, background and change the landscape, the correct design, qualified materials, advanced manufacturing technology, scientific the composition of noise barrier construction project as a whole. Db sound barrier produced by widely used in a variety of transportation facilities (such as mass transit, highways, elevated roads, bridges and fast roads, etc.) of the Noise Control Engineering, through the sound barrier acoustical engineering, landscape, structural mechanics and production process 4 a part of the detailed design.
Decibels of sound produced has excellent acoustic barrier performance and mechanical parameters, durability, visual co-ordination and installation also has outstanding performance. In short, dB produced a significant sound barrier has the following advantages:
● SOUND-PLAN software using the scene to conduct an accurate simulation of acoustic environment, which results in different noise sound barrier to set the program to select the most reasonable option.
● Excellent acoustic performance: Different types of acoustic noise level shield plate can be achieved STC31-STC36.
● flexible model and structure: There are four types of acoustic shield plates to choose from, different types of sound insulation shield plate and the different perspective window, absorber and flexible mix of installed in different structural forms of columns, it can be respond to a variety of on-site environmental and noise reduction requirements.
● factory production, high efficiency, speed, quality and stability.
● easy installation, sound shield plate straight into the H-type column, the plate embedded in between, seamless.
● Each module can be singled out the removal and replacement, maintenance, and replacement quick and easy.
● beautiful shape, the surface layer select diverse, and flexible forms of transformation, and to match the surrounding environment, and the solid, durable, beautiful and resistant to wind and rain erosion, surface to be treated and easy to clean.
● pillar seam through the detection test, safe and reliable.
● stable performance, low cost.
● weight is small, the structure of light. Maximum weight of 54 kg / m 2, the minimum weight of 22 kg / m 2, generally 33 kg / m 2.
Category: In accordance with a different sound shield plate, the different steel columns, and different acoustic perspective absorber components and different combinations can be combined into as many as 24 different forms of sound barrier.
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