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Product Description:

I produced the track wall is widely used in the various needs of a high noise level, but it is sometimes necessary to change the room-size indoor venues. Orbital wall can be installed easily and quickly achieve a large room divided into two or more than 2 smaller rooms, and various small room does not sound field between the mutual influence; the use of finished walls can easily move the track to make a few a small room quickly "change back" into the original large room. My company has a superior orbital wall, the acoustic performance and to meet the fire protection, decorative veneer, perspective and other requirements.
To put it simply, I produced the track of the wall has the following significant advantages:
● excellent acoustic performance. There are four basic design of the track wall: single-layer wall (STC51), double-wall (STC70), a single perforated wall - partition (STC50 and NRC0.90), as well as single-sided perforated wall (STC46), customers can use the sites of different acoustic demands flexible options, and good acoustic performance can be guaranteed 14 years;
● Flexible dimension design. The size of the track wall there are no requirements on the width of the direction of a high degree of orientation can reach 14 meters.

Through a specially designed ultra-special occasions be able to meet the requirements;
● Simple and flexible operation. A person using a simple generic tool can easily operate the track wall, without using large-scale machinery equipment;
● do not leave a "traces." Orbital wall of the orbit are installed at the top, on the ground there is no seam or pulling track, you can ensure that large room, "integrity";
● standards for each track wall designed by our engineers, and passed before the delivery of manufactured toughness / flexibility, fail-safe design, fatigue testing, a comprehensive review;
● can be installed according to customer request a variety of decorative veneer, transparent window, through specially designed to meet the different levels of fire protection requirements;

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